Perfect With The Micro 2 Rail Sliders

Achieve low-angle shooting while maintaining the Micro 2’s double sliding distance

See The World From A Lower-Angle

Making dull scenes fresher and more vivid

Dual positioning for a tight connection

By positioning beans and double set screws
for a tighter fix of the two

Hidden Wrench

The hidden wrench solves the problem of having to bring adjusting tools with you as with some older products.

Use it to adjust the 4 double set screws on the quick-release plate

Perfect Compatibility

The quick-release board is perfectly compatible with almost all quick-release boards on the market

Double Setting Of The Quick-Release Plate And The Quick-Mount Plate

There are 4 set screws on the quick-release plate which can be quickly locked into the screw chute by using a quick wrench

Pod Connection Mode

Quick switching between the Low Profile Mount and the pod using quick-release plate

Easy Switching For Multiple Scenes

Switch to pod mode or floor mode as needed saving more time for content creation

One Set For All Beautiful Scenes